Clients are companies and organizations working with design and other consultants to achieve innovative products, communications, buildings, and services. For members of this community, this website offers a resource to learn more about design's contribution to organizational success by providing the following:

  • Case examples of how businesses have successfully used design
  • Information on consultants in design, user research, innovation strategy and other areas
  • The role design can play in achieving innovation

Research Conducted by the Foundation, research examines different areas at the intersection of design and business. Research topics include reviewing current design practice by consultants in different design areas, documenting multidisciplinary courses bringing students and faculty from design, business, and other disciplines together, and documenting the role of design in achieving innovative products and more appropriate workplaces.

@issue: The Journal of Business and Design Published by Corporate Design Foundation, @issue: is the only journal that examines how design contributes to business success. The case examples in @issue: profile how designers and clients work together to produce successful graphics, products and buildings, and how design improved the bottom line. Written for executives, @issue: communicates design's value in business terms.

Case Studies Case studies co-authored by leading business school faculty and Corporate Design Foundation provide an in-depth look at business design success stories at leading companies like GE, FedEx, OXO International and SEI Investments.

Firm Profiles These profiles provide clients with summary information about design consultants in the areas of product, communications, and architectural design as well as other consultants in user research, design strategy, and other areas. Each profile provides describes each firm's expertise and includes up to three examples of work by that consultant.

Community Information about the many corporations, consultants, and other organizations that work with and provide support to Corporate Design Foundation is contained in the community section.

For those unfamiliar with the Foundation, our programs, initiatives, and work, we invite you to explore and learn more.