The Foundation invites members of the academic community to use this website as a resource in their teaching and research. We ask business, design, engineering and other faculty to consider individual membership in the Foundation for continuous access to information and resources about design in business education and multidisciplinary courses that bring design, business and other disciplines together. CDF offers the following resources to educators:

@issue: The Journal of Business and Design Published by Corporate Design Foundation, @issue: is the only journal written specifically for business executives to communicate how design contributes to business success. The case examples in @issue: profile how designers and clients work together to produce successful graphics, products and buildings and how design improved the bottom line. With more than 15 issues published there is a wealth of material available for use in the classroom or as assigned reading.

Case Studies Case studies co-authored by leading business school faculty and Corporate Design Foundation include an in-depth look at business design success stories at leading companies such as GE, FedEx, OXO International and SEI Investments.

Courses For business school faculty interested in establishing a course about design, the education page contains descriptions and links to existing design-related business school courses at leading universities in the United States.

Multidisciplinary Courses For business, design, engineering, and other faculty interested in multidisciplinary courses this section includes descriptions, syllabi and links to established university courses.

Sustainable Design The Foundation is organizing the Natural Design Consortium which will be a small group of universities involved in establishing multidisciplinary courses on sustainable product development or sustainable architecture. Learn more about the Consortium.

Workplace Design The Foundation is working with a coalition of business, architecture, and design schools involved in establishing multidisciplinary courses about the design of the workplace.