The 3rd @issue Business & Design Conference

29 April 2008 at The New York Times Center.

Like the journal @issue: each presentation will explain both the business and design side of the story, with plenty of opportunity to question each speaker. This series of business success stories will illustrate the role of design in increasing market share and profit. The day is full, but structured so you can meet with our speakers, @issue: creative team, and other attendees over coffee and during the group luncheon.

The Conference is sponsored by Sappi Fine Paper and Whirlpool Corporation,
and is offered by Corporate Design Foundation.

Program Details

TheTimesCenter, part of The New York Times Building & headquarters, is located in the heart of the Times Square District adjacent to The New 42nd Street. The entrance is on 41st Street between 7th and 8th Avenues.

Confirmed Speakers:

Nancye Green, CEO, Waterworks and
David Schaefer, Creative Director, Waterworks.


Joe Mansueto, CEO and Founder, Morningstar and
David Williams, Design Director, Morningstar.


Ruth Shuman, President and Founder, Publicolor


David Thurm, VP and Chief Information Office, New York Times and
Michael Beirut, Partner, Pentagram and representative from Gensler.


Brian Walker, Chairman and CEO, Herman Miller and
John Hoke, VP Footwear Design Nike and member Herman Miller Board of Directors.

Coference Host, Peter Lawrence, Chairman & Founder, Corporate Design Foundation.