@issue vol. 11 no. 1
Interview with Michigan's Governor

Governor Jennifer Granholm explains why Michigan's economic growth demands placing design issues front and center.

Harley's Touring Exhibition

For its 100th anniversary celebration, Harley-Davidson created a museum quality exhibition and took it on the open road.

A Magazine for Literate Dog Owners

Not a traditional pet magazine, Bark presents content that is more like The New Yorker, except that it is all about dogs.

Can You Read Me Now?

What good is a wayfinding system if you can't make out the words? This short primer provides some basic rules on distance and type size.

Whirlpool's Visual Brand Language

Whirlpool is changing consumer perception of boring household appliances with bold colors, style and innovative functionality.

Business and Design Classic

Not part of the original plan, the iconic spire of New York's Chrysler Building was built in secret to make the skyscraper a few feet taller.