The Foundation

Corporate Design Foundation, a non-profit education and research organization, was founded on the belief that design can make a major contribution both to an individual's quality of life and to a corporation's success, and that both individual and organizational interests can be served through the effective use of the design disciplines: product design, architecture and communication design. Accordingly, our mission is to improve the quality of life and the effectiveness of organizations through design.

The Foundation frequently serves as a catalyst working with corporations, educational institutions, professional groups and other organizations to achieve the following:

  • influence future business leaders by working with business school faculty to include design in the curricula of leading business schools
  • develop collaborations between design, business and others schools or disciplines to further the understanding of design through multidisciplinary courses
  • conduct research that examines the relationship between design and business success at Fortune 500 corporations and in innovative 'niche' companies
  • act as design's leading advocate to business by promoting individual design and business success stories through the publication of @issue: The Journal of Business and Design
  • demonstrate design's value to businesses by offering conferences, workshops and other educational programs targeted to business leaders