1. How often does @issue come out?
@issue is typically published twice a year, but for Volumes 9-12 only one edition was published each year.

2. How can I subscribe to @issue?
You can subscribe to @issue online by going here. Subscriptions to @issue are free if you live in the United States.

3. I live outside the United States, can I get @issue?
Individuals who reside outside the US and wish to subscribe to @issue can sign up for an international subscription. International subscriptions cost $30 US per year. Visit our @issue page and download the order form.

4. How can I order back editions of @issue?
Most editions of @issue are available for back order. Back orders cost $7 each for up to five copies of @issue and $5 each for orders of six or more Please visit the @issue back order page to place an order. Individuals who reside outside the United States and would like to order past editions can go here.

5. How do I contact the editor of @issue?
You can reach the editor by emailing This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please visit our editorial guidelines page to learn more about @issue's submission guidelines.

Corporate Design Foundation:

1. Where are you located?
Corporate Design Foundation is located in Boston, MA, USA. Please visit our contact page for information about our mailing address, phone numbers and e-mail.

2. How do I get my firm listed on this website?
Only partners of Corporate Design Foundation are listed on our website. To learn more about becoming a partner, or to sign up, please go here.

3. How can I support the Foundation?
Companies and individuals interested in supporting Corporate Design Foundation, its mission and activities are invited to make contributions. Please see our Join Now page to make a donation.

4. How can I hire the Foundation?
Unfortunately, Corporate Design Foundation does not offer any design services. We can recommend that you learn more about one of our many exceptional partner firms. However, the Foundation can provide consulting services about how design can best be used by an organization.

5. How can I find a designer to work with?
You can locate a design consultant that fits your needs at our Find a Resource page.

6. What are industry standard salaries for designers?
The best place to find such information is through the association appropriate to the design discipline. Organizations such as AIA, AIGA, IDSA and IIDA maintain salary information for their industries.

7. What materials are available to help me talk to clients and executives about design?
Corporate Design Foundation publishes many resources that demonstrate design's role in business success: @issue, research, case studies and videos are all available.